All you need to know about Xposed framework

Xposed is a framework or a structure made for android users, which allows us to add extra features to the ROM and some apps. These features can be either visual improvements or performance enhancements. These features are known as modules. Modules usually follow .apk format, and these files can be downloaded anywhere from the internet. 

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How to use Xposed

Start by opening the Xposed installer app. Go to the menu and select download. Here you’ll find a list of modules. Select the module you need. Click on the version tab and download for the version you want. Return to the modules window and activate the module and activate. Reboot if required.

Best Xposed modules

Not all of these modules work on all android versions. So make sure to check which version of Android each module requires.

Battery life

You can enhance the battery life of your device with Xposed modules. This mod will allow you to see which apps drain your juice. 


CrappaLinks is a trendy module that improves the experience of launching default apps containing links. Sometimes an app will open a YouTube link in a browser window instead of the YouTube app.CrappaLinks solves this problem, and you don’t have to go through so many steps.


Greenify is a popular app even for non-rooted users, but as an Xposed module, it is so much better.  This module allows you to “hibernate” apps when the phone is locked. Apps that you don’t use all the time or don’t need to be constantly awake can be put to sleep. This conserves battery life when your phone screen is off. Greenify will help you choose the applications that are using the most resources in the background. It’s an awesome tool even if you don’t have Xposed.

never sleep

Never sleep allows some apps to stop the display from sleeping. Instead of determining the screen lock time for the whole system, you can change it on an app-by-app basis. It’s a simple module, but it can be beneficial.


As the name implies, XUI is all about the system user interface. The module includes tweaks for the clock, battery, animations, lock screen, notifications, and more. In addition little things like the AM/PM on the watch can be changed. This is an excellent mod for just slightly tweaking little things and changing the overall look.

Advantages of choosing Xposed

  • You can easily undo the changes- all changes are recorded in the memory. You can deactivate the module and reboot your system.
  • Multiple changes are accommodated- you can apply many changes to the same app to best fit your intentions.
  • Easier to use- firstly, you don’t have to install a whole new OS. You can change your system with a couple of clicks that are reversible. Secondly, this is easy to download.

However, Xposed doesn’t work for all versions of Android. Some problems occurred with the android 7.0 version. The Xposed Framework alters the Android system, which can make Google SafetyNet to disable things like Google Play, Netflix, and Pokemon GO.

How safe is the Xposed framework

Well exposed can give your phone more tweaks than before. The level of security is not assured, and just to be on the safe side, follow these tips.

  1. Make a full backup before you install any module.
  2. Make sure you have a custom recovery option.

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