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How to uninstall Star Citizen 2021

Uninstalling star citizen

Star citizen is a multiplayer combat simulation game developed by cloud imperium games for Microsoft. As you might know, it is super addictive hence time-consuming. If for this reason or another, you might have wanted to uninstall star citizens. Here in this article, we present you the top four ways …

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How to uninstall Better Discord 2021

How to uninstall Better Discord

How to uninstall Better Discord Discord is a free chat application that is widely used by gamers and within communities. It offers a wide variety of services like calls, texts, and video calls. Better Discord is an improved version of Discord that has more features. As the name suggests, it …

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Can I delete APK files (For All Versions)

Can I delete APK files

An apk is an app created mainly for Android, google’s operating system. There are two types of APK files. Some of them come as built-in pre-installed features, while the others can be downloaded from the internet. Normally users won’t have to deal with APK files as Android handles app installation …

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