Most asked questions about VirtualXposed

What is virtualXposed?

Virtualxposed is a framework that allows you to download modules onto your device. Through this, you can modify your os and apps. Gamers widely use it. You can improve the speed of the phone, add capacity, etc. When it comes to games, you can indirectly increase some features that slow down your performance. For example, you can reduce the time it takes to construct a road or a building, or you can increase lives. However, they won’t work for all android devices as they require some versions of it. These changes are reversible as they are all performed in the memory. The modules are available on the internet to be downloaded.

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How do I install the Xposed framework?

Method 1

  1. Download the APK file.
  2. Install the app like you normally would.
  3. Open the app and select the Framework section in the menu
  4. Tap on the Install/Update button press select Install
  5. allow root access to the Xposed Installer
  6. The app will install the framework and then Reboot your system

Method 2: Magisk

  1. Download the latest Xposed Installer for Magisk
  2. Open the Magisk Manager app and select Xposed in the Download section
  3. Find the SDK for your Android version
  4. Install the Xposed module
  5. Reboot to activate.

Where is the file location?

You can simply search on the search bar for the term Xposed framework, or you can check it in the downloads.

Can I install Xposed without root?

Yes, you can. Now you can use Xposed without modifying the system; you can install it like a regular App, with no need for root or system privilege.

Step 1:

 You need to install the Xposed installer app first, which lets you install the Xposed framework. So, the first step is to download the Xposed installer app’s APK on your Android device.

When the APK file is downloaded, tap it to launch it and install the Xposed installer app following on-screen instructions.

Step 2: Now, you need to install the Xposed Framework. Since the Xposed installer app is installed already, launch it, and from the left side navigation menu, tap “Framework.”

After the reboot, the framework will be installed entirely on the pho

How to use virtualXposed?

Install APP and Xposed Module

  1. Open VirtualXposed, Click on the Drawer Button at the bottom of the home page(Or long click the screen), add your desired APP and Xposed Module to VirtualXposed’s virtual environment.

There are three ways to install an APP or Xposed Module to VirtualXposed:

  1. Clone an installed app from your original system. (Click the Button at the bottom of the home page, then click Add App, the first page shows a list of installed apps.)
  2. Install via an APK file. (Click Button at the bottom of home page, then click Add App, the second page shows APKs found in your sd card)
  3. Install using an external file chooser. (Click Button at the bottom of home page, then click Add App, use the floating action button to choose an APK file to install)

For Xposed Module, You can install it from Xposed Installer, too.

  1. Activate the Xposed Module

Open Xposed Installer in VirtualXposed, go to the module fragment, check the module you want to use:

  1. Reboot

You just have to reboot VirtualXposed. Click Settings on the homepage of VirtualXposed, click the Reboot button VirtualXposed will reboot in a blink.

How do I uninstall virtualXposed?

Before starting, make sure your phone is well charged. If not, this might corrupt your device.

Check if your device has a custom recovery option.

Step one

Download from below the Xposed framework uninstaller .zip file to your device.

Step two

Switch off your mobile phone and long-press the volume up button and the power button. You will see the custom recovery options displayed.

Step three

Select install Xposed from your device storage.

Step four

After installing, click’ reboot system.’ Rebooting will take a little time.

Step five

Now uninstall the Xposed framework from your device.

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