How to uninstall Better Discord 2021

How to uninstall Better Discord

Discord is a free chat application that is widely used by gamers and within communities. It offers a wide variety of services like calls, texts, and video calls. Better Discord is an improved version of Discord that has more features. As the name suggests, it is better.

 Somehow Better Discord, too, might have some limitations and which made you want to uninstall it. In addition to this, better Discord is not a licensed application. Better Discord is not offered by Discord directly. I agree if any of these are the reasons that made you want to uninstall Better Discord.

Here are some ways you can try.

1.removing Better Discord via removing files from discord app.

1.Click on “This PC” on your Windows machine or select it from the menu.

2. Type “%localappdata%\Discord\app-0.0.305\resources” on the search bar at the top of the file explorer. All the files will be visible.

3. The app folder has all the Better Discord configurations and files. To confirm this, double-click on the app folder. all the files will be displayed as you open it.

4. return to the resources folder, right-click on the app folder, and press Delete to uninstall Better Discord.

5. Deleting the app folder will remove the extension Better Discord from the Discord chat application.

2.How to Uninstall Better Discord via Replacing the Discord .exe file (macOS or Windows)

In method two, we will have to download the Discord .exe file from their official site and start the installation process again. we dont uninstall the Discord app. Follow the below steps carefully:

1. Click on “Download for Mac” or “Download for Windows” based on your operating system.

2.The .exe file will be downloaded and is saved in the Downloads files.

3.Double click on the downloaded file ( Discord Setup ) to start the installation.

4.Follow the standard installation process. This will replace the Discord app already installed on to your system with a new installation. It will also uninstall Better Discord in the process.

3.Uninstall and Reinstall Discord ( macOS or Windows )

If you were not able to delete Discord with the above method, then an alternative method is to uninstall the Discord application and reinstall. Uninstalling the application will discard the Bandage BD ( better Discord) from the Discord application folder.

Read the below mentioned steps to uninstall and reinstall Discord on a Mac Operating System.

1.Click on the Finder icon present on the bottom panel.

2. tap on Applications.

3. Right-click the Discord Application and then choose the option Move to Trash.

 4. This will uninstall Discord from your Mac system.

5. After uninstallation is successful, go to Download Discord and click on Download for Mac.

6. This will reinstall quickly the application without Better Discord.

4.Follow the below steps to uninstall and reinstall Discord on Windows Operating System

  • Press “Windows.” Search for the option Control Panel.
  • select Programs and Features.
  • you will see Discord. Right-click on it and press uninstall.
  • The above steps will delete Discord along with better Discord from your system.
  • After the uninstallation is successful, navigate to Download Discord and choose Download for Windows.

These are the methods you can follow to uninstall Better Discord.

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