How to swipe right on instagram when you access through your PC

How to swipe right on instagram when you access through your PC.

 I spent around twelve hours in front of my computer, and therefore I don’t have much time to use my phone. These twelve hours include some sneak peeks to Instagram while at work. I sign in, upload photos and text using my PC.

As multiple photos can be uploaded to a single post, you might want to swipe to see them all.

There are five ways, and they are listed below.

  1. You can swipe by clicking the left or right buttons on the keypad. If this doesn’t work, try by giving a mouse click somewhere on the screen except the picture you are viewing, as it might provide a like (heart reaction) on the post. If you were going to like it, it’s okay, but you do not want to end up mistakenly liking your crush’s photos uploaded three months ago.
  2. You can also swipe by using a trackpad. A trackpad allows you to make a scroll, and by this, you can view the images.
  3. Well, the last one is a little obvious, but I’ll mention it. If you have a touch laptop or PC screen, you swipe on the images as you would on your phone.

     4.Now.Instagram has an updated version. In this version, there is a button added on the left and right, which will help you swipe images on Instagram PC.

      5.The third one is another way to help the user swipe images on PC if they have a four-way scroll mouse-likeLogitech m500“. This mouse has come up with unique features of a four-way scroll. When you press the left scroll, it swipes towards the left, and when you press scroll right, it will swipe in the right direction.

These instructions are easy to follow, and I hope you swipe right.

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