How to download GIFs from Giphy

How to download GIFs from Giphy.

Some GIFs are so hilarious and relatable, and it makes you want to save them or share them with your friends. Now you can easily save them to your computer. However, some sites do not allow you to download GIF files .don’t worry. There are some indirect ways for you to try. Here are some ways to download or save them to your computer.

1.Follow the instruction below mentioned to download it in .gif format.

  1. Go to the GIPHY and search for your preferred GIF.
  2. Right-click on the GIF file you want.
  3. choose “Open image in new tab.”
  4.  the URL of the relative GIF file will be something like this – “https //media1 giphy com/media/LHZyixOnHwDDy/giphy .gif”
  5. Now the only thing you have to do is download gif from giphy or save gifs from giphy is to alter to
  6. Now, the URL will look like this – “https //i giphy com/media/LHZyixOnHwDDy/giphy .gif”
  7. Go to the above link, and finally, right-click on your gif and click on download or save the image from the options.
  8. Check in the downloads file or search for it using the search bar of your computer.

2. you could use a browser that has the download option available.

3.Here are the top two sites that can be used to download GIFs.

1.GIFERGIFER is a website with a simple home page and easily approachable GIF categories. The platform lets you upload your GIFs or download an already published one using its own URL. The Auto Play button available for the Most Popular GIFs section lets you play all the animated GIFs simultaneously. This discards the need to hover your mouse on each and every thumbnail for the preview.

2. Tenor-Is used to demonstrate the download process in the previous section. The tenor is yet another website solely dedicated to animated GIFs. It has an attractive interface that lets you pick a preferred category and then lets you download or share a GIF that you like the most. The UPLOAD button at the top of the page, when clicked on, enables you to drag and drop GIF or MP4 files from your computer and then upload them to the website. Tenor allows you to upload up to 10 files in a single session up until now.

Using the above-mentioned ways, I am sure that you’ll be able to download your favorite GIFs.

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