Game optimizing service

Game optimizing service.

As suggested by the topic, it is all about enhancing your game in terms of speed, brightness, and performance. This is performed to smoothen your experience. For example, you can turn off alerts or create shortcuts to any control system.

Here in this article, we will be focusing on optimizing services for android phones.

Game optimizing service app is a system application software which is created by Samsung electronics. This optimizing service app is installed on Samsung phones by default, and it is included in the tools category.

It is also referred to as bloatware. Through this app, you will be able to have a good gaming experience as all performance problems, and lagging is prevented.

 Bloatware will not cause any harm to your device, and you can’t remove them from the system. The game optimizing service app is also pre-installed bloatware.

Steps to enable Game Optimization service on an Android phone.

Go to settings.

Select notification

Tap on more and select advanced.

Choose the three-dot signs available on the top right corner.

Pick show system apps.

Here you will see the optimization service app.

Characteristics of each GOS feature

 – Optimised heat generation during gaming

 The app can reduce and optimize heat generation by adjusting system performance if heat is generated during gaming.

 – Device optimization during gaming

 If a game freeze occurs, the app will start optimizing performance during gaming by changing the resolution setting. In doing so, your device will consume less memory and less power and achieve more stable performance compared to other devices.

 – CPU/GPU optimization during gaming

 The app will optimize performance by adjusting the current CPU/GPU max clock.

 – App management during gaming

 Using the indexes of the installed game (e.g., resolution, FPS, CPU/GPU clock, and heat generation), the app will determine optimized values for the relevant game.

Currently, android users complain about issues like storage and notifications from this application. As a result, they demand to disable or remove this application to limit notifications which do not make any sense. If that’s your concern, keep reading.

How to disable game optimizing service app.

It is when you want to download more, or you click a photo, and your phone says storage full, you want to disable bloatware. They drain your juice while taking space. However, as mentioned previously, you cannot uninstall bloatware, but disabling them temporarily might help, and this is how.

Open your phone   

Go to the Game Launcher

On the top right of the screen, you will see three dots, just tap here

Then tap Settings

Then you have to disable the marketing information.

In conclusion, we hope that this article gave you enough details about the game optimizing service app and that you found it useful..

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