EPDG app and its features

EPDG app and its features.

 Evolved Packet Data Gateway is an Android built app that deals with the service delivery of untrusted, or if required trusted access networks.

Here in this article, we will try to detail all you need to know about the functions of this amazing app and some productful recommendations.


the purpose of using this app

EpdgTestApp is the part of SAE, which is the core network framework based on the 3GPP’s LTE wireless communication standards, that communicates with non-referenced 3GPP IP systems. briefly it is like a test to enable WiFi calling.

The 3GPP is the 3rd Generation Partnership Project which is used to define the standard organizations protocols developed for mobile telecommunications and services.


uninstalliing Epdg test app?

The EpdgTestApp is not a harmful app, therefore there is no need to uninstall it. There is a slight doubt on the security but all you have to do is. you must be a consumer with different system encryption. Anyway, this is a useful app which helps you with the device security.

If you feel like uninstalling the app it is suggested that you have to first block it using another app designed for this purpose, like the Titanium Backup.

What permissionns does this app have?

The EpdgTestApp, like any other apps, needs to have some permissions before activating itself on your device. In this situation. it only has one permission and is detailed as below:

  • Phone


Some end users are a little bit worried about having this application installed on their devices long term. Some of them think that this might be a spyware or malware, but the case is that it is a normal built-in app which has a purpose in every device that is installed.

You may have some error like com.sec.epdg has stopped. This is a system error regarding this app, but it doesn´t mean you have any form of malware.

The best suggestion to fix it is to save your important files and Factory. Reset your telephone. This is the easier way to do it and this process will not affect your system or other apps.

If you still have some questions about what is EpdgTestApp and what it is for, please contact us and we will reply as soon as we can.

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