Edxposed is a framework or a base that allows you to load modules onto your device, which lets you modify the os and apps. This will enhance the performance of your device as you desire. This won’t affect any APKs. These temporary modifications can always be reverted as all the changes are done in the memory. You will only need to reboot your device to get the original system back. The best part of this is that multiple modules can be run at the same time. Combining them to create new ones isn’t allowed unless the author builds various APKS with multiple combinations.

However, the modules you want might not always work. The reason for this is that they require specific android versions.

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Edxposed has three different versions.

  • Stable- this is suitable for general users. Update slowly. You can download this version in Magisk manager or recovery.
  •    Alpha- test version with many commits.
  • Canary- debug version. CI automatically builds this. Canary version can be downloaded from edxposed manager.

    How to Install

  1. Install Magisk v21+
  2. Install Riru v23+ from Magisk repo.
  3. Download and install EdXposed in Magisk Manager or recovery.
  4. Install EdXposed Manager.
  5. Reboot

All set. Try it out

Changes to expect

– Fixes scope UI bug

– Removes multiple useless functions

– Module Activation Scope support

– Enables Xposed Hide(Black) by default

– UI tweaks

– SandHook backend variant switch (in Settings)

– Translation updates

– Bugs & crashes fixing

– Removes useless permissions check.

– Dark mode activation

– Supports Android R userspace reboot

– Updates resource hook flag

– Module notification switch options

– List sorts & filters are applicable

How to make your phone pass a SafetyNet with edxposed installed.

Google’s SafetyNet feature is one of the features in Android that can trip the flag. Many users worldwide have chosen magisk to pass SafetyNet seamlessly. However, EdXposed is having some issues passing SafetyNet, which can affect your mods.

If your safety net flag is tripped, you won’t be able to use many financial apps like google play. In addition to this, certain apps will be prohibited. Uninstalling Edxposed after might not work for some devices. So, here’s what you can do.

1.Enable the blacklist option

Before getting edxposed to pass the SafetyNet check, you will have to enable the edXposed installer app’s built-in feature. By default, this feature is deactivated as it is required only in certain situations. Go to the settings and enable the black/white list option by flipping the switch on.

2.add google services to the blacklist

Select the menu option on the left top and view the newly enabled “black/white list” section. There are three google services you need to blacklist so that EdXposed will not trip SafetyNet. Tap on the search bar and type google play services. Then choose the square to add a checkmark to it. Now search for the google play store and check this box also. Finally, search for the Google services framework and checkmark this as well. Now reboot your device to apply these changes.

3. Check SafetyNet status.

Go to the magisk manager app and select the arrow next to the ‘tap to start SafetyNet check’ to begin. Firstly a double ‘X’ will probably display on both the checks but try again. It will pass the second time. You might even have to close the app and repeat. It will change to green.

This might not work for all users, but it’s the best you can do to pass the SafetyNet check until EdXposed developers fix the problem themselves. Now you are all safe to enjoy the apps and games as usual.

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