Game optimizing service

Game optimizing service. As suggested by the topic, it is all about enhancing your game in terms of speed, brightness, and performance. This is performed to smoothen your experience. For example, you can turn off alerts or create shortcuts to any control system. Here in this article, we will be …

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EPDG app and its features

EPDG app and its features.  Evolved Packet Data Gateway is an Android built app that deals with the service delivery of untrusted, or if required trusted access networks. Here in this article, we will try to detail all you need to know about the functions of this amazing app and …

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Introduction Edxposed is a framework or a base that allows you to load modules onto your device, which lets you modify the os and apps. This will enhance the performance of your device as you desire. This won’t affect any APKs. These temporary modifications can always be reverted as all …

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Can I delete APK files (For All Versions)

Can I delete APK files

An apk is an app created mainly for Android, google’s operating system. There are two types of APK files. Some of them come as built-in pre-installed features, while the others can be downloaded from the internet. Normally users won’t have to deal with APK files as Android handles app installation …

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Avast schedule scan (Mobile/ PC) -2021

Avast schedule scan for Mobile and PC

Avast is an antivirus scan that lets you schedule daily, weekly or monthly, or as preferred. It helps you keep your computer free of harmful viruses and unwanted threats. After scheduling the scan, it will automatically conduct the scan on time. Two versions are available for free or for purchase. …

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