Alternatives for xpoesd framework (virtualxposed alternative)

As you already might know, the Xposed framework is a base that lets you download modules onto your device. As a result, you can modify the os and some apps as preferred. However, it is not compatible with all versions, and some other issues might arise.

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Don’tDon’t worry, here are few alternatives you choose from.

Virtual Xposed


VirtualXposed is a simple application based on VirtualApp. This app allows you to use an Xposed Module without needing to root or unload the bootloader or flash a custom system image. (Supports Android 5.0~10.0)

There are two restrictions of VirtualXposed

  1. Unable to modify the system, so any Module that modifies the system won’t work correctly.
  2. Currently, resource hooks are not allowed. (Theming modules use Resource Hooks).


Download the latest APK. Install it on your Android device.

Install APP and the Xposed Module

Open VirtualXposed, select the Drawer Button at the bottom of the home page(Or long click the screen) and add your desired app. There are three ways to establish an APP or Xposed Module to VirtualXposed:

  1. Clone an installed app from your original version. (click Add App, the first page which shows a list of installed apps.)
  2. Install via an APK file. (click Add App, the second page shows APKs found in your sdcard)
  3. Install via an external file chooser. (Click Button at the bottom of the home page, then click Add App, use the floating action button to choose an APK file to install)

For Xposed Module, You can install it from Xposed Installer, too.

Activate the Xposed Module

Open Xposed Installer in VirtualXposed, go to the module fragment, check the module you want to use:


You only need to reboot VirtualXposed. There’s no need to reboot your phone; Just click Settings on the home page of VirtualXposed, click the Reboot button, and VirtualXposed will reboot in a blink.

Tai chi

It is available to download for android devices. Tai chi only works with modules that don’t alter the system parts. Tai chi is pretty popular and is widely used in China.

Download Latest Version.

Exposed, also known as Tai Chi 太极, available to download for android smart devices.

This is also a project from the developer named Weishu, who made the VirtualXposed to run the virtual space apps. This project’s main aim is to use Xposed Modules on the Non-Rooted Device.

Yes, it worked but little and only work with the Modules, which don’t alter the system part.

Now, he came with another project called Exposed, and actually, he doesn’t stick with one name.

You can directly run the Xposed modules in the system.

So, there is no need to add separate Google services (MicroG) or anything else.

How to Install Xposed Modules

Currently, a few modules are working with on this Exposed. You can simply find the working modules from the app inside. There is a separate section for that.

Step 1. Create an APP

  • From the Home Page, choose the Menu option.
  • You can see the ”Create App’App’ Button, something we called + Button on the top of the list.
  • Now, you can see the list of the apps eligible for the Exposed.

Note: If you can’t see anything, you have not installed the apps supported by Tai Chi.

  • Select it and click on ”Create ‘. ‘
  • The process begins, and it takes some time based on the app size and device specifications.
  • Once the process completes, you need to uninstall an app from the system.

Step 2. Download Xposed Modules

  • Tap on the ”Download Modules’Modules’ Button from the Menu.
  • Now, download the Xposed module according to the app that you installed above step 1.
  • Go back home.
  • Select ”Manage Modules ‘ ‘from the Menu.
  • Enable the Module. That’s it.

How to Uninstall Tai Chi 太极 Completely

Firstly uninstall the apps which you have installed inside the Tai Chi. If you didn’t follow this procedure, it might lead to an adverse effect on your system.

Step 1. Backup your apps data

Step 2. Uninstall the Xposed Modules and Apps

Step 3. Now, its time to uninstall Tai Chi 太极

In conclusion, this article briefly explained two of the other choices you have if the Xposed framework isn’t working. I hope this was useful.

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