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VirtualXposed APK 0.20.3 Download Latest Version in 2021 [Official]

If you are here in search of the VirtualXposed APK, then my friend, you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we are sharing with you all the links to download Virtual Xposed APK so that you can run a Limited Xposed Framework on Non-rooted devices.

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If you do not want to root your device or also not unlock the bootloader of your phone, trust me, there is no other alternative than VirtualXposed APK. In case you are wondering about the official download or official page, then do not worry, since the link mentioned is entirely official. For those who do not know, with the Xposed Framework, one can customize the Android functionalities as well as appearances.

Long story short, users can modify the system-wide things and all of if using this framework. All one needs to do is enable the modules of that specific aspect. In no time, Xposed received great praise. Not just that, but it also got added on an XDA Native app development since it is an effective way of Android OS customization.

The only sad part being, Rovo89 has paused this development. We can only hope that it begins soon. However, a new development by Weishu, a Chinese developer has begun. It is called as VirtualXposed. This one is quite similar to the development by Rovo89. However, one drawback being, it cannot do as much as the Xposed Framework since it does not need root access.

VirtualXposed can also be used for blocking ads on the YouTube app. One backlog that can be pointed is that it does not support that many theming sections and major modules however, that is no obstacle for its wide use, especially in China.

The best part about VirtualXposed is that it is an entirely rootless solution for the Xposed Framework. However, it is limited. We sure do have the possibility of getting an upgrade of it. As of now, the basic Xposed Modules are working well with VirtualXposed that deals only without the system.

What is VirtualXposed?

VitualXposed is an app that creates virtual spaces where one can run the APKs as Plugins. Thus, in these parallel spaces, one can also run some Xposed modules without having to root their devices or even unlock bootloader or modify any system image.

virtualxposed apk
virtualxposed apk

Thus, one can run Xposed modules even on a non-rooted device. This app is based on Epic and VirtualApp for processing Xposed Hooks. Both of them are Open-Source libraries and Epic has been inspired by Xposed to Hook into their own Java Methods in the apps.

It also uses Exposed to load Xposed Modules and server some basic services. VirtualApp develops a container to install Apks and apps from System. When one enters the User interface of the app, it seems to be a simple launcher. The Open-Sourced Launcher3 which is a rootless Pixel launcher is used here,

Concluding the work of this app, I can say that VirtualXposed affects the apps that are in the Virtual Environment but it does not make any alterations in Modules that can deal with systems. Thus, one cannot use modules like System Themeing Modules, GravityBox, System Customizing Functionality Modules, etc.

We have mentioned a complete list of the Working Modules which have been tested below.

Android Permissions needed –

All the necessary Android permissions are needed to run the VirtualXposed app. This is because apps that run inside VirtualXposed need these permissions.

There is a permission manager – ‘XprivacyLua’ in the VXP using which one can adjust the permissions for a specific app using a toggle.

How to fixBlank Screen Cast issueUsing VirtualXposed

Download VirtualXposed Apk

Here is the link to download virtual Xposed no root the latest version of VirtualXposed APK. With time, there have been many changes in the VXA. One can now also install Google Services in it using the MicroG Project. Along with that, you will also get the Yalp store once you install MicroG on your VXP.

  • There is no need to reinstall applications from the source in Virtual space when those getting the updates.
App nameVirtualXposed
App Version0.20.3
Size7.5 MB
Total Downloads1 Million+
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 and above
Last Updated onFebruary 06, 2021
Download VirtualXposed APK

GameGuardian APK [No Root]

Install VirtualXposed APK on Android devices

Here is a simple and step-by-step guide on how you can install Virtual Xposed Apk on your Android devices. The best part about this guide is that it is so simple that one does not need to Flash or root anything!

(how to install app in virtual xposed and how to use virtual xposed)

  1. Download VirtualXposed APK from the link mentioned above.
  2. Now tap on the APK on your device and you will be asked to Allow from this Source or enable unknown sources, just hit yes.
how to install app in virtual xposed and how to use virtual xposed
Enable unknown sources

3. Tap on the VXP Apk to install.

how to install app in virtual xposed and how to use virtual xposed

4. install VirtualXposed apk

5. Once installed, open the app.

Virtualxposed installing
Open Virtualxposed

6. Allow the permissions you are asked.

7. Done

virtualxposed apk install

That is it! That is how simple it was to install VirtualXposed APK on your device. Now you can proceed further to install Google Play services and other modules as shown below –

Install MicroG

MicroG is nothing but a lightweight version of the Standard Google Play services. It comes in a size as small as 2MB. One can install these services directly from the Settings of VXP. Along with MicroG, you will also get the Yalp store to manage the installed apps.

  1. First of all, go to the Settings from the Launcher home.

2. Now tap on ‘Advanced Settings’ and go to ‘Install/Uninstall Google Services’.

3. Finally, Confirm to install.

That’s it. You are done here! You can now add any app that needs GMS Core for running.

Working Modules on VirtualXposed APK

As mentioned earlier, the number of modules that can be used on VirtualXposed is limited. However, with the constant updates it gets, we do expect to receive more number of working modules soon. What the least we can do to encourage Weishu in creating more working modules is to donate a few bucks here.

Till then, here is a list of the modules that are currently working on VXP –

  1. WeXposed
  2. Play Wechat
  3. Unblock 163 Music Client
  4. QXposed
  5. Wechat fighting figure artifact – This is an Emoji Module.
  6. XInsta – You can download Images, Videos, Stories, and also copy comments and bios.
  7. WechatMagician – With this module, you can get ultimate control over your messages as well as moments.
  8. The QQ fighting Figure Atrefact – This is an amazing plugin that quickly finds and sends emojis for you!
  9. XPrivacyLua – This is the best Privacy manager and also a successor pf Xprivacy. This module is compatible with Android 6 and above.
  10. MDWechat – This is a We chat Module that comes with several amazing features like Batch-delete messages, Auto-reply, forward voice to friends and so on.
  11. HiweChat – This amazing module offers an automatic translation of We chat into the English language.
  12. QQ 2.0 – This module hides some unnecessary features of QQ and is compatible only for those who use QQ chat.
  13. WechatEnhancement – Wechat Module for the red packets, friend circle anti-delete, message anti-withdrawal, and friends circle to an ad.
  14. YouTube Adway – This is the best module for me since it removes ads from YouTube videos while you are watching one. So no more disturbances!
  15. Simulation Position – Analog location is a module that stimulates geographic location and base station information. This means that one can use this module for showing a fake location.
  16. Motion Simulator – This module modifies the steps.
  17. Fingerprint Pay – You can enable the Fingerprint payment with this module.
  18. Automatic Reply – One can choose the amount of size to reply to various content.
  19. WeChatjump – Help users to play a game and get high scores.
  20. Minimumguard – Removes ads from Android applications and also black spaces that are left after removing the ads.

Install Xposed Module on VXP

Xposed is mainly for installing VirtualXposed. This is the only way through which one can install this Framework without rooting the device.

  1. Before beginning, you can find the list of Working Modules from Settings> Recommended List.
  2. Firstly, open the Apps drawer.
  3. You will see an Xposed installer installed already on VirtualXposed.
  4. Open it.
  5. Go to the Menu> downloads section.
  6. Search the Module that you wish to install.
  7. From the Modules section, enable that module.
  8. Now reboot the VirtualXposed app from the Settings.

Once rebooted, you will see the module working!

Install App’s on VXposed

Using the Yalp store, one can add any app from an installed version or also from third-party sources i.e., APKs. These apps can also be updated using Yalp.

  1. Firstly, go to Yalp Store from the app.
  2. Then tap on ‘Check for Updates’.
  3. Click on ‘Download
  4. Then hit Install.
  5. Now go to the Menu.
  6. Then go-ahead to ‘Add App’.
  7. Confirm your action.
  8. You can now add an app from the already installed apps or just click on the + button to install Apks.

Just note that Modules that modify the System will not work on VirtualXposed. Thus, system modification is something that one cannot do using VXP. Also, resource hooks are not supported on this app.

I hope you have found the article useful in downloading VirtualXposed. In case of any doubts, do let us know in the comment section below. We will be glad to help you!

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